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Laminate Flooring & Engineered Wood Flooring Underlay

Sometimes flooring is not just simply about laying down the required material - for trickier surfaces it is important to put down the required underlay flooring.

Direct Flooring has you covered when it comes to whatever flooring you require when fixing up your home.

It is important that the correct underlay is chosen as the wrong type can affect the long-term maintenance of your flooring. Buy the highest quaility laminate flooring available is a significant part of the buying process as it will lead to fewer or no problems down the line.


Many issues can arise when laying a floor, particularly in relation to the evenness of the surface you are laying on. That's where solid underlay flooring will allow you to provide a sounder foundation for your floor.

Adding this layer will allow for a solid subfloor which helps to avoid further probolems down the line, and Direct Flooring has a wide range of underlay products to avail of.


Among the range of underlay products we have available is brands such as Kronotex All in One Underlay.