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All deliveries will be kerbside or as close to your home as possible. All deliveries are on schedule and will be updated if anything changes.

Falquon Laminate Flooring

Falquon Exclusive Surfaces is a German flooring brand which provide excellent floored surfacea for all areas of the home.

As well as furniture and accessories an exclusive floor design is a key part of a room, and creates a special ambience in an apartment, a home, a trade fair stand or commercial areas. The diversity of the collections and individualization offered by Falquon offers possibilities for every room to come to life.

Falquon floors offers variety, creativity and comfort for homeowners, and an assurance of quality that many other brands cannot.

Falquon - Natural Look

Falquon Exclusive Surfaces offers the natural look of selected wood designs with the luminous effect of the high gloss surface. Perfect for living rooms or even industrial and commercial reas with light use.

The Falquon collection has a variety of trendy decors with a high gloss surface, and a host of colours available.