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Duralay Underlay


Duralay is a brand which specialises in underlay products, which sit beneath your flooring to provide a range of different benefits. A high-quality Duralay product will protect your flooring against repeated and heavy wear and tear and ensure a long lifespan. Underlay is a thin padded material that you layer beneath your laminate, vinyl, solid & engineered hardwood flooring.

Direct Flooring stocks a range of insulating underlays that ensures that your home stays warm throughout the cold winter months. A quality Duralay underlay will ensure that your home does not run into further problems later on, providing stability and durability for every floor. Our Duralay products are ideal for a range of floor types, including laminate, vinyl, solid and engineered hardwood.

You will find that a lot of subfloors are uneven or slightly bumpy. This will have a direct impact on the quality of your flooring installation. By installing Duralay underlay, you can even out any of these imperfections, ensuring that you will have a level & stable floor.

Underlay also helps protect your subfloors against moisture damage, general wear & tear, as well as comfort on your feet & sound suppression throughout your home.