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Dural Profiles | Flooring Brands | Direct Flooring


Dural is a flooring accessory brand which initially developed and manufactured profiles in Germany, before branching out to further international markets.

Dural profiles are modern profiles for modern tiles, natural stone, laminate flooring and fitted carpets, as well as design surfaces for floors and walls.

Dural Profiles - Quality and Precision

Nowadays the company now has a presence in more than 70 countries, owing to its increasing popularity due to its high quality products and affordability. Dural has tested and verified the durability of their products for enhanced safety and precision. Dural profiles are an excellent flooring accessory brand because of the clear and unambiguous specifications they provide on their products.

The Dural product list includes a wide variety of installation kits, sealants, radiator pipe covers, skirting boards, scotias, facings, door bars, spacers and stair nose mouldings.

Movement joint profiles are one of the high quality accessories available from Dural. They can cope with heavy weight and stress, protecting floor coverings from abuse. These products can also fit nicely with a designer look in your home, and have also been a popular choice for large scale carmaker showrooms, as well as a variety of other venues.

Direct Flooring provides a wide range of Dural profile products, proividing the right type of profile for any home solution.